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Meet your favourite third wheel

Beach Bum & Dog Dad - Meet Max

I seek connection, the relationships, the laughs, the real you & the real me.

I have always been creatively bound and had a deep love for authentic

connections between humans. The type of connections where you can feel the stories from laughing uncontrollably to busting it out on the dance floor. I believe that at the end of the day these true moments, even the smallest ones are what means the most in life.

Weddings are filled with these moments and the fact I’m able to capture those moments, pause time and pass them onto you to be remembered forever - means more than you may ever know.

When I put the camera down you will find me being a strong co-dependent dog Dad. I'm blessed to have six dogs living with me (two of them are mine) Yes, some of you will think I'm nuts and Yes, you're probably right. They're my happy place paired with the Northland's beaches - you just cannot go wrong. I consider eating good food as a hobby and embarrassed to say I've learnt the art of becoming an unqualified coffee, food and craft beer snob.

Chat soon, I cant wait to hear all about your ideas and plans for the day.

...Also if you want to talk dogs, coffee, food or craft beers - My inbox is always open

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my happy place

meet the doggo family

fun fact; my packages are named after each woofer.

in no particular order...


Hungarian Viszla


Hungarian Viszla


Hungarian Viszla


Shitzu Poodle


Jack Russell


Fox Terrier

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The Story Behind

Moments & waves

Why Moments&Waves?

For me, our name is the first step of telling our brand's story. Our name came about after countless cups of coffee, conversations and notes...

oh, the joys of being indecisive. But we did it!

Breaking it down, the two words represent two aspects that serves to work together to represent us.

Moments, this reflects one of our values, moments are the layers that stack upon that creates our greater stories as individual's and a whole. The more moments, the more diverse, the more exciting our story becomes,

Waves, how could you not love them? the main thing that draws me to waves is the imperfections they have but yet still are beautiful

Capturing Moments
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From scouting shoot locations to finessing your run sheet, we’ll keep in touch throughout your wedding panning. I’m always just an email away!

Yay! We’ll finalize your retainer and sign the dotted lines to secure your booking. You’ll complete a questionnaire that’ll help me to get the next steps organized.

A free consultation for you to get a feel for what It’ll be like working together. We’ll chat about your dream and visions and how we can make it all work.