Yay, you've made the right choice

We're officially locked in!

Thanks so much for filling that out, We will review it and make sure it's correct, then we will send you through a copy.

Our Promise

First, Thank you so much for signing the contract. It's not the most exciting part, but it's peace of mind us both.

Words cannot describe how pleased we are that you have chosen us to capture your special day, it's an opportunity that doesn't come lightly. That's why we, Moments&Waves will work extra hard and will do absolutely everything we possibly can to make your day just perfect. You can expect us to turn up with heaps of energy to get you feeling excited for the best day ahead.

What to expect? We'll be dancing with you, cheering with you, heck we'll be even grooving out with your in-laws. But behind all the giggles, dancing & kisses - we will be right there capturing all those moments.

Lastly, one HUGE thank you for supporting us make our passions, dreams & goals all into reality. We're incredibly thankful for you choosing us. We wouldn't be doing what we love if it wasn't for you. We cannot wait to celebrate with you and all your loved ones.

Let's have some fun!

Max xoxo